Why host Pakistan’s name on Asia Cup jerseys Missing PCB explains

Why host Pakistan's name on Asia Cup jerseys Missing PCB explains

Pakistan has recently revealed their jerseys for the Asia Cup, and it’s been quite a buzz on social media. Fans and enthusiasts are excitedly discussing the captivating visuals of players proudly wearing their team jerseys. Interestingly, people have noticed that the host nation’s name is missing below the Asia Cup logo in these images. This small but noticeable detail has left many curious. Speculating about the reasons behind it.

In a recent clarification, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has shed light on the reasons behind the absence of Pakistan’s logo on the Asia Cup jerseys. According to sources within the PCB, the decision to omit the host country’s name from the shirts was a result of a collective agreement made within the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) during the previous edition of the tournament. This decision was also tied to the exclusion of the year along with the host country’s name.

Elaborating on the rationale, it has come to light that including “Sri Lanka 2022” and “UAE 2022” on the jerseys from the previous event led to the strategic choice. “As part of a prior discussion, we deliberately opted not to incorporate the year and the hostname in the tournament logo during the last Asia Cup. This decision stemmed from the existence of multiple logo variations in circulation – one displaying Sri Lanka 2022, another showcasing UAE 2022, and yet another featuring solely the year 2022. Our objective was to ensure uniformity in our approach for a more cohesive visual representation of the logo. You spotted the Sri Lanka name and year exclusively on the jerseys due to teams having already printed them before our adjustment. Consequently, for this year’s Asia Cup, starting from the initial communications regarding the schedule announcement, we have consistently employed the Asia Cup logo without specifying the year and hostname,” explained an official from the PCB.

The announcement also clarified the terminology of the tournament. “However, it’s crucial to highlight that the tournament’s nomenclature will adhere to the format of ‘Gender-Format-Tournament Name-Year, City, Country.’ To illustrate, for matches taking place in Multan, the stadium branding will read as: ‘Men’s ODI Asia Cup 2023 – Multan, Pakistan,’ ” concluded a PCB official.

It’s notable that the controversy centered around the omission of Pakistan’s name on the jerseys solely pertains to its hosting status. This decision has elicited strong criticism from ardent Pakistan cricket fans.

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